Care Navigator Support

About Care Navigator

OneCare supports community-based care coordination services, enhanced communication, and collaboration across care team members by providing the network with Care Navigator software. Care Navigator is a common platform in which all members of the care team, including the patient, can communicate regarding updates and patient needs. It is a place where all team members can access the patient’s shared plan of care.

Gain Access to OneCare Tools

OneCare provides tools to members of our community of providers. These tools include Care Navigator, Workbench One, and the OneCare Secure Portal. To learn more about each system, levels of access, and which systems can benefit you, please review this document. To gain access to Care Navigator, Workbench One, and the OneCare Secure Portal, complete this OneCare Systems User Agreement. Please send the completed form to

Care Navigator Care Coordinator Resources

The following resources are designed to support care coordinators using Care Navigator.

Care Navigator User Group Training October 2021

This training includes a demonstration of Care Navigator functionality, questions and answers, and workflow tips and tricks.

User Care Navigator Access FAQ

General questions and answers about User Access to Care Navigator.

User Care Navigator Patient Access Start Guide

Step-by-step instructions for how to give a patient access as a user to Care Navigator.

How to Add a Care Team Member

This module will show you how to add yourself or another user to a patient’s care team. A Care Team Member is a professional who works collaboratively to support the patient in meeting identified goals, achieving optimum health, and quality of life.

How to Add a Non ACO Care Team Member

This module will show you how to add a Non ACO participant to a patient’s care team. A Non ACO Care Team Member is an individual who should be noted as part of the care team but will not have access to Care Navigator, or receive Care Team or ADT Notifications.

Filtering and Personal Views

Learn to use filtering and personal views to refine your Care Plan list using Care Navigator.

Modifying Care Team Members

Learn to activate, deactivate, and reactivate Care Team members using OneCare’s Care Navigator tool.

Adding Goals and Tasks

Learn to add Goals and Tasks to your Care Plan using the Care Navigator tool.

Care Navigator Tips and Tricks

Learn thirteen tips for Care Navigator software including searching for patients and preferred web browsers.

Five Key Steps to Take in Care Navigator

Learn about care team teams and activities using the Care Navigator tool.

How to Bulk Deactivate Yourself from Multiple Care Teams

This module will show you the steps taken to remove yourself from multiple care teams at one time.