Classroom Resources

Welcome teachers! Below find the pre-k through 8th grade scorecard and activities for your students’ grade and age group.

Classroom Resources

PreK-8th Grade Classroom Scorecard

Assess your policy and activities and find areas for improvement. 

Other Wellness Resources

Rise VT October Virtual Calendar (Grades k-5): Download

Rise October Virtual Calendar (Grades 6-12): Download

RiseVT Classroom Wellness Policy: Download

RiseVT Pledge: Download

RiseVT Tobacco-Free Pledge: Download

RiseVT Guide to Alternatives to Withholding Recess: Download

RiseVT Guide to Healthy Rewards and Celebrations: Download

RiseVT Silver Level Classroom Rewards: Download

RiseVT Classroom Activities: Download

RiseVT Classroom Activity Options

RiseVT Classroom Activities

Healthy Question Poster #1: Download

Healthy Question Poster #2: Download

Breakfast Lunch Requirements: Download

Coloring Fruit: Download

Community Step Tracking Sheet: Download

Fruit Bowl: Download

MyTray – Coloring Activity: Download

Nutritional Red Light Green Light: Download

RiseVT Coloring Shoe: Download

Scavenger Hunt: Download

Step Tracking Sheet: Download

Weather Worksheet: Download