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Social Media

Social Media

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OneCare is active on social media and posts regularly to connect with the public and key stakeholder audiences. Our videos that summarize our core capabilities are excellent content for social media. Below you will find a ready-to-promote social media post to help inform your network of the role OneCare plays in supporting providers to implement value-based care – stay tuned for more “plug-and-play” posts to get into your organization’s social queue.

Ready to Promote Post: Join OneCare Vermont’s Patient and Family Advisory Committee

Suggested LinkedIn Caption & Hashtags:
Over 150 patients in need of immediate mental health care have accessed the compassionate, quality care they deserve thanks to a waiver OneCare Vermont—as an accountable care organization (ACO)—is uniquely qualified to issue. As with all of the waivers OneCare makes possible for our local healthcare system to access, this waiver breaks down barriers to innovation in delivering the “right care” to more patients. It gets those in need of mental health care out of emergency departments and into the appropriate care setting of the Brattleboro Retreat—simultaneously, freeing up beds and resources for those who need access to emergency care. Learn more here:

Text in white is overlaying a green background with OneCare logo. Text reads: Are you interested in improving health care in Vermont? Join the Patient and Family Advisory Committee to share your thoughts. Below the text at the bottom of the image is a group of illustrated diverse people.

Talking Points


  • OneCare Vermont is working to improve the health of Vermonters and ultimately, lower the cost of health care. OneCare is the state’s Accountable Care Organization (ACO) that partners with health insurance companies, hospitals, independent medical practices and community health organizations to support providers and move our health care system towards a more affordable model that pays for value and health outcomes rather than various services, such as tests and operations.
  • OneCare is working. OneCare is improving the quality of care and reducing costs in Vermont. There are over 5,000 providers in OneCare that are delivering higher quality care and more savings to over 200,000 Vermonters. Since 2018, OneCare has converted $1.4 billion to value-based care. One Care is delivering:
    • Lower Costs: Vermont has been able to reduce high-cost services such as inpatient and emergency room visits as well as overall Medicaid cost growth. OneCare achieved Medicare gross spending reductions in all years it was evaluated by the federal government.
    • Quality: OneCare’s providers have consistently scored above average on quality of care. For example, in 2021 OneCare providers scored in the 90th percentile nationally for diabetes management.
    • Access to Quality Primary Care. Access to primary care is critical to any good healthcare system and thanks to OneCare’s predictable monthly payments, primary care practices across the state are more viable and sustainable. Since 2018, OneCare has invested over $138 million in primary care in Vermont.
    • Savings: According to rigorous federal evaluations, OneCare has realized significant health care savings, with over $50 million in Medicare savings since 2018.
    • Unity and Coordination amongst health care leaders. OneCare provides an important, unifying forum for providers, payers, and the state to engage in meaningful discussions about healthcare reform and set goals. This model is strengthening relationships among a variety of providers, which is proving to be critical during the pandemic.
  • OneCare is holding more than 5,000 Vermont health care providers responsible for the cost and quality of the care they provide through payment contracts.
  • OneCare makes available support services to providers so that they can reduce costs and improve quality. These services include:
    • Data to help identify which Vermonters need outreach and where areas of care need to improve
    • Waivers from rules that get in the way of high-quality patient care
    • Financial support that pays for care coordinators, community health workers, and other services that contribute to well-coordinated care for patients.
  • Between 30 and 40 percent of Vermont residents will receive care that is partially linked to outcomes-based payments in 2023.
  • Stabilized access to primary care. Due to the predictable monthly funding from OneCare, Vermonters have maintained access to primary care, the heart of a better model for care delivery.
  • Providers in OneCare are delivering higher quality care and more savings. Reforming the health care system is imperative and we are making progress.
  • While health care reform isn’t simple and isn’t going to happen overnight, OneCare’s efforts to improve the quality of health care and lower costs is a giant step in the right direction.

Images and Logos

Find our logo in this section—please do not alter the files, but do let us know if you need another version (high-res, different color/file type, transparent background, or a different orientation). Also included are other graphics that can be used in your communications referencing OneCare Vermont. These files also should not be altered, but please reach out to our public affairs team at OneCare if you need other graphic options.

Click on the images below to open. Right click to select “save as” and download the image.

OneCare Vermont, horizontal version, showing the OneCare Sunburst in line with the words OneCare Vermont
OneCare Vermont, vertical version, showing the OneCare Sunburst over the words OneCare Vermont
Image Description: A colorful, modern illustration of a large, diverse group of people representing Vermonters. There are many different ages, genders, races, and other demographics represented in the illustration
Illustration - OneCare Core Business Area - the Statewide Care Model - showing a doctor taking care of a male patient checking his heart beat with a stethoscope. Next to the patient is a window showing Vermonters in healthy communities engaging in activities promoting healthier lifestyles.
Larger Version - Illustration - OneCare Core Business Area - Data Analytics. Two data analysts on the left are looking at a large whiteboard covered in infographics and statistics. Next to them is a woman sitting in front of a computer generating detailed analytics.
Larger version - Illustration - OneCare Core Business Area - Payment Reform. An accountant is looking at her computer and working with a doctor who is standing in front of a large clipboard with quality check marks on it. On the ground behind them are symbols representing money and payment.
Vermonters in a circle
Illustration of a collaborative group of people - four people are standing in front of a large board with ideas written on notes. They are conversing. Symbols such as light bulbs appear on either side. A person walks off to the side with a large heart, representing ideas.
Concept of quality improvement - a group of health care professionals are looking at ways certain aspects of health can be improved through preventive strategies to keep people healthier while stabilizing health care costs.


Videos are a great way to describe your organization’s work with OneCare. As mentioned in the social media section, they are excellent content for sharing on your organization’s social media, and you can also include them in staff newsletters, embed them on your website, or play them in patient waiting rooms. To ensure accessibility, all of our videos include captions.

  • Visit our Vimeo channel for video links to use on social, newsletters, and web.
  • YouTube links are good for embedding in PowerPoint presentations (visit our YouTube channel or use the sample videos below–click on the “share” link in the upper right of the video thumbnail below).

This is another area where you can collaborate with our public affairs team to develop a video interview to highlight a story from your organization that illustrates OneCare’s work in action and how it supports changing the way health care is paid for and delivered.

OneCare Vermont: Reducing Health Care Spending and Improving Health Outcomes
Video link for sharing, embedding, etc:

OneCare Vermont: Fred’s Story: A case study of care coordination, and how it led to better health for Fred, and lowered his health care costs.
Video link for sharing, embedding, etc:
OneCare’s role in payment reform
Video link for sharing, embedding, etc:

OneCare’s role in network performance management
Video link for sharing, embedding, etc:


For more in-depth information on OneCare designed for your patients and the public, review these one-pagers and feel free to print them to share or link to them on your website. 

An overview of OneCare Vermont’s work

An overview of OneCare Vermont's work

Fast Facts About OneCare’s 2023 Budget

Fast Facts About OneCare's 2023 Budget

A primer on value-based care in Vermont

A primer on value-based care in Vermont

Overview of OneCare’s Fraud and Abuse Waivers

Overview of OneCare's Fraud and Abuse Waivers

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