Flow of contracts from the payers: Medicare, Medicaid, BCBSVT QHP, BCBSVT Primary, and MVP QHP at the top through OneCare highlighted in the middle to the diverse group of providers at the bottom. Bright lines show this flow of contracts from the payers to the providers.

OneCare’s network performance core capability includes the crucial first step in what OneCareas an accountable care organizationoffers to participating providers: contracting services.


OneCare works with Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial insurers to establish contracts for value-based care for its entire network of over 5,000 providers at hundreds of different organizations. OneCare does all the work to navigate the different ways each insurance contract works. Without OneCare, providers would be left to sort all that out with each payer on their own, requiring providers to each hire their own experts to do so and slowing down the progress of value-based care in Vermont.