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When providers of all types work together to care for the whole person, including mental and physical health, overall health and quality of life improves, costs decrease, and the providers themselves thrive, so it’s a victory all around.

Steve Gordon

President and CEO, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

About OneCare’s 2021 Budget

OneCare Vermont, Vermont’s Accountable Care Organization (ACO), presented their 2021 budget to the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) on October 28, 2020 as part of OneCare’s annual budget and certification process. The budget supports the cooperative effort of thousands of providers across Vermont to stabilize health care costs and improve health for Vermonters.

Vermont’s health care providers have come together to invest in a better future for Vermonters. ACOs allow providers to work in new and different ways to improve patient experiences and outcomes. To make these improvements possible, providers participating in Onecare need to be set up for success in areas such as: data management, monitoring quality, managing and mitigating risk, and working with payers. That’s where OneCare comes in.

Vermont is a small state, so providers have come together to set up that structure through an ACO created specifically for Vermont – OneCare Vermont. This structure saves money and time compared to providers trying to achieve these strategies on their own.

Here’s how next year’s budget supports this change toward attaining better patient experiences and outcomes:

Graphic displaying four highlights of the 2021 OneCare budget submission
  • An additional 28,000 Vermonters will receive care from providers participating in OneCare and this new participation will contribute to meeting the scale targets.
  • There is increased and more in-depth hospital and provider participation in OneCare payer programs from last year.
  • Primary care providers in OneCare are projected to receive over $18 million dollars in investments to primary care, a focus of Vermont’s All-Payer ACO model, in addition to payments received for care delivery.
  • Of the total OneCare budget, 1.1% is designated for operating costs.

OneCare, as a collection of health care providers working together across organizational lines, is charged with creating the right environmental conditions so providers can not only survive, but thrive, in a value-based system. This level of systematic change takes time and commitment from all participants in the public-private partnership. This change that we’re working together toward is an investment in the future.

For more information:

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