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In a commentary recently published in the Rutland Herald entitled “ACOs Make Sense,” Don Reuther—the CEO of Community Health in Rutland—describes how membership in OneCare is leading to better patient outcomes. He explains how OneCare, as an accountable care organization (ACO), helps providers and care managers deliver higher quality care through OneCare’s care model, payment reform, and data analytics capabilities.

“As a member of OneCare, Community Health continuously sees patient outcomes improve as a result of the ACO and OneCare programs. Health care providers pool resources and expertise and share health care data and information. I see the results every day, as the care management system ensures patients receive the opportunity to become healthier and stay healthy through the coordination and collaboration of providers, care managers, and the community.”

Don Reuther

Chief Executive Officer, Community Health in Rutland, Vermont

Community Health is the largest network of providers of primary care, pediatric medical care, and dental services in Rutland County. To learn more about Community Health, visit

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