Past Board Meetings

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Tip – To narrow your search to only pull PDFs of our board packets, start each search with:

filetype:pdf board “OneCare-Board-of-Managers-Public-Session-Materials” [insert other search words here]

Tip – Use specific “search operator” combinations to further narrow down what you are looking for. Examples:

  • filetype:pdf “OneCare-Board-of-Managers-Public-Session-Materials” board vote 2022
    Copying and pasting the above will look for only PDFs with the keywords board, vote, and 2022.
  • filetype:pdf “OneCare-Board-of-Managers-Public-Session-Materials” “committee report” Before:2023/12/31
    Surrounding words with a quote mark will look for the exact phrase “committee report”, instead of “committee” and “report” as separate words within a PDF. Using the operator “Before:2023/12/31” will filter only results before December 31, 2023.

If you’re searching for documents from before a specific date, use the Before:YYYY/MM/DD format. To find documents from after a specific date, use After:YYYY/MM/DD. You can also use both to find something between two different dates.

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