Welcome to Rise & Tae Kwon Do!

Virtual Tae Kwon Do Instruction for Middle School Students

September 30/ October 1 –  December 9/10, 2020

Classes offered live and recorded Wednesdays and Thursdays. The same class is offered two days in a row, so students should pick Wednesday OR Thursday depending on their schedule.

Tae Kwon Do teaches the foundation of good sportsmanship by teaching the five core tenets:

  • Courtesy: Politeness and respect for others, behaving in a well-mannered and civil fashion.
  • Integrity: Showing good character, honestly, prudence, and decency. Behaving ethically and morally.
  • Perseverance: Purposefully pursuing a course of action despite of difficulty, resistance, or discouragement.
  • Self-Control: Keeping ones emotions, desires, and impulses in check, and exercising control in their expression.
  • Indomitable Spirit: The spirit that can’t be broken or conquered, the strength of spirit that comes from the knowing one’s self.

Afterschool Directors and school teachers can register to receive links to live and recorded zoom sessions.
Classes go live at 3:30PM each Wednesday and Thursday.
This 10-week training is on break the week of Thanksgiving.
Every class builds on itself, so participants should sign up and commit to full 10-weeks starting Sept 28/29.

Rise & Tae Kwon Do Videos

Added here each Thursday and Friday by noon.

Watch this welcome video with Rise & Tae Kwon Do instructor,
Master Lenny Yordan of Yordan’s Black Belt Academy!

Wednesday Class 1 September 30th

Thursday Class 1 October 1st

Wednesday Class 2 October 7th

Thursday Class 2 October 8th

Wednesday Class 3 October 14th

Thursday Class 3 October 14th

Wednesday Class 4 October 21

Thursday Class 4 October 22nd

Wednesday Class 5 October 28th

Thursday Class 5 October 29

Wednesday Class 6 November 4th

Thursday Class 6 November 5th

Wednesday Class 7 November 11th

Thursday Class 7 November 12th

Wednesday Class 8 November 18th

Thursday Class 8 November 19th

Wednesday Class 9 December 2nd

Thursday class 9 December 3rd

Wednesday Class 10 December 9

Thursday Class 10 December 10th