Walkability is important year-round, but it is particularly timely now as students return to school. Walking to school is a great way for children to get the recommended 60-minutes of physical activity per day, but fewer children are walking to school. Since founded in Franklin and Grand Isle counties, RiseVT has been committed to creating walkable neighborhoods to improve the health of everyone . When we make communities walkable for children we also make them accessible to the elderly, people with diabilities, and those without access to a vehicle.

RiseVT is our lead primary prevention strategy

OneCare Vermont’s Network Performance Management core business capability is designed to improve access to health care and the quality of care received in the doctor’s office and all clinical settings. Our strategy doesn’t stop there, however, because we know that a patient’s physical environment, social and economic factors, and health behaviors really add up to impact both length and quality of life. In fact, when looking at all of these factors that influence a Vermonter’s health, only 20% are influenced by clinical care. This is where RiseVT comes in to work in communities on policies and programs that implement health behavior change interventions and address the social, economic, and physical environment factors that impact health.

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