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OneCare Vermont Accountable Care Organization, LLC is a joint venture established by The University of Vermont Medical Center Inc. and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center


OneCare Vermont

OneCare Vermont is a provider-led Accountable Care Organization working to improve the health of Vermonters and lower health care costs. OneCare partners with health insurance companies, hospitals, independent medical practices, and community collaborators to offer programs that pay for positive outcomes and healthcare activities. OneCare gives doctors and other providers access to data, resources, and tools to improve patient health. Health care providers participating in OneCare pool resources and expertise to help Vermonters become healthier and stay healthier, and focus on improving access to primary care, reducing deaths from suicide and drug overdose, and managing chronic illnesses. By sharing information and working together, providers can do even more to deliver the best care to patients.

As a provider-led organization, OneCare is not eligible for non-profit status since Vermont law does not allow non-profits to have more than 49% of its Board financially interested. In addition, Accountable Care Organization (ACO) regulations require that 75% of its Board includes provider representatives and providers who can receive savings and funding from the ACO. To comply with Vermont law and ACO regulations, OneCare is a limited liability corporation (LLC).

Although OneCare is an LLC, it is not operated to make profits. OneCare is provider-led and operates in alignment with the non-profit missions of its founders and the many providers who participate. In addition, OneCare budgets to break even. Surpluses are either distributed to network providers who have met the standards for delivering high quality care or are added to reserves required by regulators.

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Download the Summary of Vermont’s All-Payer ACO Model and OneCare (PDF).

An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is…

… a voluntary network of health care providers who work together to provide:

Better individual patient experience of care.

Improved health of people in their care.

Lower health care costs.

… an organization that is committed to:

Provide coordinated high-quality care.

Collaborate on the best way to improve the health of their patients.

Meet high-quality standards on a fixed budget.

The 2019 OneCare Network

Vermonters are covered by: Medicaid  |  Medicare  |  Commercial  |  Self-Insured


Primary Care Practices

Specialty Care Practices

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Individual Providers

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Home Health Agencies

Designated Agencies for Mental Health & Substance Use

Area Agencies on Aging

Regional Housing Authorities (SASH)

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