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Who We Are

OneCare is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), owned and operated in Vermont to serve Vermonters.

ACOs, like OneCare, represent a cooperative effort of providers who have pooled their resources and expertise to deliver care that is better coordinated, yielding better health outcomes and greater satisfaction. OneCare does not deliver care, but provides resources and support to the providers that care for patients. OneCare partners with your local health care providers, and provides core supports for them as they change the way they deliver care and accept increasing accountability for the cost and quality of care. OneCare supports providers through three key core capabilities: network performance management, data and analytics, and payment reform.

Mission, Vision, and Values


OneCare partners with local health care providers to transform Vermont’s health care system to one that focuses on health goals by providing actionable data and innovative payments that foster better outcomes for all.


A trusted, equitable health care system where patients and providers work together to achieve optimal health and an exceptional care experience for all.


  • Collaboration: We actively build a culture of partnership & teamwork.
  • Excellence: We passionately pursue excellence using data-driven results and a quality focus.
  • Innovation: We lead through innovation, use courage to challenge existing systems, and act as a catalyst for reform.
  • Equity: We seek out and attend to health disparities so that everyone can attain their full health potential.
  • Communication: We share information and ideas directly and clearly.
  • Integrity: We are honest, ethical, and transparent in all that we do

Strategies, Goals, and Anticipated Outcomes

Strategy Focus #1: OneCare and its health care provider partners will work together to continuously improve health outcomes.

  • GOAL: Ensure a high quality, equitable system that continuously strives to improve health care delivery and outcomes.
    Anticipated outcomes:
    • Tools and payment incentives designed to support provider change.
    • Increased patient satisfaction and quality of care.

Strategy Focus #2: OneCare will elevate data and analytics capabilities to support health care provider partners.

  • GOAL: Deliver actionable data to healthcare providers in support of better health care.
    Anticipated outcomes:
    • Improved health care information and decisions for providers.
    • Better care outcomes for patients.

Strategy Focus #3: OneCare and its health care provider partners will work together to move toward a system that pays for value.

  • GOAL: Evolve value based care contracts to move away from fee-for-service.
    Anticipated outcomes:

    • Predictable payments and programs for providers.
    • Care plans designed around individual patient needs.

About Our Core Capabilities

OneCare performs certain functions where scale economies are important or where a common approach is necessary to serve all participating providers. OneCare exists to facilitate improved provider network performance on cost and quality. The most critical functions OneCare should provide are:

Illustration - OneCare Core Business Area - the Statewide Care Model - showing a doctor taking care of a male patient checking his heart beat with a stethoscope. Next to the patient is a window showing Vermonters in healthy communities engaging in activities promoting healthier lifestyles.

Core Capability #1:

Network Performance Management

OneCare partners with thousands of local health care providers to break down silos in care. Working more like a system enables better coordination and communication among various members of your care team. Effective care coordination is a cornerstone of lowering unnecessary health care costs, improving outcomes, patient experience, and caregiver experience.


  • Provide targeted support to communities to enhance care coordination efforts and performance.
  • Establish clear expectations and resources for the participating delivery system to assure communities focus on common critical areas.
Illustration - OneCare Core Business Area - Data Analytics. Two data analysts on the left are looking at a large whiteboard covered in infographics and statistics. Next to them is a woman sitting in front of a computer generating detailed analytics.

Core Capability #2:

Data and Analytics

OneCare provides health care providers with data, funding and best practices across the state so that our family, friends, and fellow Vermonters, no matter where they live, get better care.

Sharing comprehensive health information, regardless of where you receive care, will help all members to provide better and more consistent care. 


  • Provide more focused, actionable data and insights to network; gather information on changes they are making to succeed under value-based care contracts in 2021 and beyond.
  • Evolve cost, quality, and utilization reporting to primarily push, rather than pull, information to the network; ensure self- service tools are available for advanced network needs in 2021 and beyond.
Illustration - OneCare Core Business Area - Payment Reform. An accountant is looking at her computer and working with a doctor who is standing in front of a large clipboard with quality check marks on it. On the ground behind them are symbols representing money and payment.

Core Capability #3:

Payment Reform

OneCare works with insurers and providers to change how health care services are paid. Under this model, providers get regular fixed predictable payments for each person instead of getting paid for each test or service
they perform, and are rewarded based on quality outcomes. This allows health care providers the freedom to focus on what their patients may need.


  • Increase the proportion of value based contracts that have true fixed payments in 2022 and beyond.
  • Streamline and increase participation in Comprehensive Payment Reform (CPR) in 2022 while evolving primary care programs to allow for broader future participation.

Read the 2021-2023 Strategic Plan.

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Table of Contents in the Strategic Planning Summary:

Message from the OneCare Board of Managers and CEO

Committed Stakeholder Participants

Executive Summary: Process and Outcomes

Strategic Plan Overview (Handout)

Strategic Plan Alignment with Vermont’s APM Improvement Plan

Strategic Workplan