Watch to learn about OneCare Vermont’s core capabilities and hear from providers about what membership in OneCare Vermont looks like in action.

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OneCare’s Comprehensive Payment Reform Program – Bringing value-based care to independent primary practices

OneCare Vermont: An Overview

OneCare Vermont: Reducing Health Care Spending and Improving Health Outcomes

In this short video, learn what these two terms mean, why OneCare Vermont—our state’s local accountable care organization —has been tasked with the herculean task of transforming the way we pay for and deliver care, and the three core business areas that work in tandem toward the mission to improve health outcomes and reduce health care spending.

OneCare Core Capability: Network Performance Management

OneCare Vermont: Network Performance Management

Get an overview of OneCare Vermont’s Network Performance Management core capability which first sets up contracts with insurance payers on behalf of its wide network of participating providers. After providers have their contracts with insurance payers in place, OneCare works next to help them succeed by supporting primary prevention efforts, facilitating care coordination and collaboration in order to deliver the best possible health care to patients, and monitoring quality measures to achieve better health outcomes. 

Fred’s Story: A Case Study in Care Coordination

Part of our network performance management core capability includes working to establish, support, and improve care coordination for patients – ensuring all of a patient’s health care providers are talking to each other to develop a holistic plan for care.

Quality Improvement

Quality improvement is foundational to value-based care (VBC).  In this video, get an overview of OneCare’s quality improvement work and hear from Dr. Alicia Jacobs on how a “quality mindset”  elevates the standard of care.

OneCare Core Capability: Data & Analytics

OneCare Vermont: Data & Analytics

Get an overview of how OneCare utilizes data and analytics to improve quality of care and identify opportunities to reduce health care spending. Hear from Eilidh Pederson, MPH, COO of Brattleboro Memorial Hospital (BMH), on how data that OneCare provided to BMH had positive impacts on the way BMH delivered patient care.

Data & Analytics Bonus Video: Identifying Patients with Hypertension

Learn another example of how our data gave providers at BMH information they can’t get from their own electronic medical records (EMRs), allowing them to identify patients with hypertension, conduct outreach, and develop care plans to improve health outcomes.

Data & Analytics Bonus Video: Reducing Diabetes

Eilidh Pederson gives another example of how Brattleboro Memorial Hospital (BMH) used OneCare  data to identify that BMH’s diabetic population had very high A1C (blood sugar) levels, inspiring innovation in care and leading to a dramatic reduction in A1C levels and improvement in health outcomes.

Data & Analytics Bonus Video: Medicare Hospice Beneficiary Use

Eilidh Pederson gives another example of how Brattleboro Memorial Hospital (BMH) used OneCare data to identify Medicare beneficiaries who are eligible for end of life care.

OneCare Core Capability: Payment Reform

OneCare Vermont: Payment Reform

Get an overview of OneCare’s innovative payment reform model that stabilizes health care costs and allows providers to invest more in preventive care and care coordination for patients with chronic illness. Hear directly from the CEO of Gifford Medical Center, Dan Bennett, and CMO of Gifford, Dr. Josh White, about how fixed monthly payments from OneCare to care for their patients helps Gifford shift toward a value-based care model—delivering the best care, not the most care.

OneCare’s Comprehensive Payment Reform Program

Studies have shown that accountable care organizations (ACOs) that invest more in primary care, by way of advanced primary care delivery models, have higher savings rates. One strategy for investing in primary care is through OneCare’s Comprehensive Payment Reform (CPR) program which offers independent primary care practices fixed, predictable monthly payments, regardless of visit volume. Primary care practices earn payments that shift focus away from billable services and to care that’s right for patients.