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Watch to learn about OneCare Vermont’s core capabilities and hear from providers about what membership in OneCare Vermont looks like in action.

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An overview of fee-for-service vs value-based care models and an introduction to OneCare’s core capabilities

Dig deeper into the work and impact of OneCare Vermont

OneCare Vermont: Data & Analytics

Get an overview of how OneCare Vermont utilizes data and analytics to improve quality of care and identify opportunities to reduce health care spending. Hear from Eilidh Pederson, MPH, COO of Brattleboro Memorial Hospital (BMH), on how data that OneCare provided to BMH had positive impacts on the way BMH delivered patient care.

Extra Clip: EMR Blues

You heard from Eilidh Pederson in our Data & Analytics video about the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital’s cardiac pre-habilitation program born out of insight gleaned from OneCare data. Learn another example of how our data gives providers at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital information they can’t get from their own Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).

Fred’s Story: A Case Study in Care Coordination

Part of our Network Performance Management core capability includes working to establish, support, and improve care coordination for patients – ensuring all of a patient’s health care providers are talking to each other to develop a holistic plan for care.