Cover Image - COVID-19 App Presented at the Health Analytics Summit 2020, showing Tyler Gauthier and Katie Muir as presenters

A few weeks after Governor Phil Scott declared a state of emergency for Vermont in response to the pandemic, OneCare Vermont rapidly developed and released a COVID-19 care coordination tool, applying the risk criteria to approximately 190K patients.

The 2020 Healthcare Analytics Summit (HAS), hosted by Health Catalyst on September 1-3 of this year, is the premier, highest-attended industry event of its kind. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was entirely virtual this year. The goal at HAS is to inspire and drive outcomes improvement by providing numerous examples of leading-edge analytics best practices. Health care data analytics is showcased as a critical success strategy for advancing health care in today’s ever-evolving digital world.

On the last day of the conference, September 3, “Prioritizing the Patient in Value-Based Care: A Data-Informed Approach,” a presentation by OneCare’s Director of Value-based Care Tyler Gauthier, MHA, CPHQ, CSM, and Supervisor of Population Health Analytics Katie Muir was shown to conference attendees. Gauthier and Muir also participated in a live Q&A during the conference.

OneCare Vermont is proud of the work that our analytics team has done to help advance innovation for population health approaches to identify patients with complex needs and those at greatest risk for COVID-19 in the midst of the pandemic.

Check out this video by Health Catalyst in which our very own Katie Muir is acknowledged as one of many innovators who led responses to support providers during the pandemic through the rapid creation and deployment of the COVID-19 application.

OneCare Chief Operating Officer Sara Barry said: “The application represented a major team effort to conceptualize, design, build, test, train, gather feedback, refine, and communicate about this tool. It is a fantastic example of the innovative spirit of our whole team and our collective ability to be nimble and responsive in times of need.”

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OneCare's Director of Value-based Care Tyler Gauthier, MHA, CPHQ, CSM, is shown sitting solo at the OneCare office during the 2020 Healthcare Analytics Summit, which was entirely virtual. Behind Gauthier is a HAS backdrop supplied by the conference for use during Tyler's live Q&A.

Pictured above: OneCare’s Director of Value-based Care Tyler Gauthier, MHA, CPHQ, CSM, prepares for the Q&A portion of the OneCare presentation during the 2020 Healthcare Analytics Summit. As a conference presenter, Gauthier participated remotely from OneCare’s offices.

I enjoyed sharing with the participants at the Health Analytics Summit how data indicates that our community based organization is engaging with vulnerable Vermonters throughout the continued public health emergency. We were pleased to hear about the interest in our statewide communication and collaboration tool, and the desire to have this available in other parts of the country to improve communication between primary care and the continuum of care partners.

Tyler Gauthier

Director of Value-based Care, MHA, CPHQ, CSM

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